Catalysing high performance through a learning culture. Continuity depends on the foundation of entrenched behaviour and attitudes collectively displayed. Let us help you drive the connections that matter.
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We Train Your Employees For Strategic Execution

We serve various industries, including the automotive, oil & gas and logistics sectors.


We work across Africa, Europe and Asia.


The business has been in existence since 2005, with vast experience collaborating with private and state organisations.

Aligning people to their potential.

About Us

We are proudly 100% black female-owned and have a 135% procurement level. We are passionate about helping businesses solve their considerable challenges, by providing their workforce with the requisite competencies to support the organisational goals. We believe that the single most variable for an organisation & success is the quality of people it employs.

With our many years of experience and assembly of subject matter experts in all things learning, we are in the best position to help your organisation reach its next level of success. Our unique understanding of various industries serves as an essential basis that translates business goals into execution plans for your employees to grow.

Our particular attention to how soft skills bridge the gap between technical, functional and leadership abilities within a workforce. We believe strategy plays a crucial role. We are an African company built by women, run by women.

Helping you close the gap, through fit for purpose approaches and customised solutions


How Connect The Dots helps your business growth.

Customer Centricity

Nurture workforce skills to ensure accuracy and reliability in meeting customer needs.

Leadership Development

Promote succession through self-mastery and leadership acumen.

Human Capital Development

Synthesize the various skill categories and levels to achieve execution efficiency.

Organisational Ecology

Addresses the complexity and multiplicity of relationships within an organisation.

Model Complexity

Understand the unique circumstances in your business.

Appropriate Solution

Architect purposeful, integrated, relevant and applicable learning.

Assemble world-class experts

Take a collaborative approach to solving for the various areas of need.

We Offer A Wide Variety of Service

Our Service

Connect The Dots offers a comprehensive suite of services that caters for a company’s organisation needs at all levels, this is how we help.

What Our Clients Say

Client feedback
In our collaboration with Connectthedot as a Service provider, we have received good and satisfactory service and will strongly recommend them on any development initiatives.
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