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We primarily serve the automotive, oil and gas and logistics sectors.


We work across Africa, Europe and Asia and offer services in several languages (English, French and Portuguese).


The business has been in existence for 16 years, with vast experience collaborating with private and state organisations.

Aligning people to their potential.

About Us

We are passionate about helping businesses solve their considerable challenges, by providing their workforce with the requisite competencies to support the business’ advancement. We believe that the single most influential variable in a business’s success is the quality of people it employs.

With our many years of experience and assembly of subject matter experts in all things learning, we are in the best position to help your organization reach its next level of prosperity. Our unique understanding of the automotive and mobility industries serves as an essential quality that translates business goals into execution paths for employees.

Our particular attention to how soft skills bridge the gap between technical ability and teamwork. As well as our focus on how strategy plays a crucial role in steering the business forward in a coordinated manner means that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to building custom solutions.

We are proudly 100% black female-owned and have a 135% procurement level.

Helping you fill in the gap, through fit for purpose approaches and work ethic to match.


How Connect The Dots helps your business growth.

Customer Centricity

Nurture workforce skills to ensure accuracy and reliability in meeting customer needs.

Leadership Development

Promote succession through self-mastery and leadership acumen.

Human Capital Development

Synthesize the various skill categories and levels to achieve execution efficiency.

Organisational Ecology

Align individual roles into the broader context of organisational success.

Model Complexity

Understand the unique circumstances in your business.

Appropriate Solution

Architect purposeful, integrated, relevant and applicable learning.

Assemble world-class experts

Take a collaborative approach to solving for the various areas of need.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Services

Our Service

Web designing in a powerful way of just not a profession, however, in a passion for our Company. We have a tendency to believe the idea that smart looking.

What Our Clients Say

Client feedback
In our collaboration with Connectthedot as a Service provider, we have received good and satisfactory service and will strongly recommend them on any development initiatives.
Tracker A leading Company

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We make connections

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Transnet Group

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M:+27 83 452 222 5

T: +27 11 447 251 4

T: 27 11 568 514 0

F: 086 616 528 8


Contact US

M:+234 906 684 552 6

M: +234 706 162 041 6

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South Africa

4 Volschenk Lane, Discovery, Roodepoort, Johannesburg



90 Amino Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria (FCT)

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