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We are passionate about helping businesses solve their considerable challenges, by providing their workforce with the requisite competencies to support the business’ advancement. We believe that the single most influential variable in a business’s success is the quality of people it employs.

With our many years of experience and assembly of subject matter experts in all things learning, we are in the best position to help your organization reach its next level of prosperity. Our unique understanding of the automotive and mobility industries serves as an essential quality that translates business goals into execution paths for employees.

Our particular attention to how soft skills bridge the gap between technical ability and teamwork. As well as our focus on how strategy plays a crucial role in steering the business forward in a coordinated manner means that we leave no stone unturned when it comes to building custom solutions.

We are proudly 100% black female-owned and have a 135% procurement level.

  • We primarily serve the automotive, oil and gas and logistics sectors.
  • We work across Africa, Europe and Asia and offer services in several languages (English, French and Portuguese).
  • The business has been in existence for 16 years, with vast experience collaborating with private and state organisations.


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Noorene Sallie
Beauty Mofokeng
Skills Development & Logistics Coordinator
Lawrence Ongboja
Business Development and Communication

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As an organization, MTN will not hesitate to work with Connect The Dots Training and Consulting cc and their team of consultantants.
MTN A leading Company

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