Facilitation and Coordination

Organizing all the administration related to a learning and development project can be an absolute nightmare. That’s why we have built a service that helps multiple stakeholders achieve the objectives that have brought them together. Our Facilitation and Coordination service arranges logistics, courier management, and accommodation. 

This is a tailored end-to-end project management solution that ensures the successful implementation of the learning and development scope. Whether you have one service provider or several we can help make sure that accountable and timely delivery is upheld by all parties involved. Some other areas we cover include:

  • Guide design and implementation process
  • Manage and project tracking (high-level)
  • Training risk mitigation
  • Training Calendar
  • Flights booking/Car hire
  • Milestone reporting
  • Crisis management
  • Budget management (disbursements, supplier invoices, and facilitator invoices)
  • Accommodation

Benefits With Our Service

You no longer need to worry about a project being dragged longer than planned for or have all your constituents upset as a result of poor project management. The process of implementing an L&D project will be much easier. This is a service we offer whether or not we are a training service provider or not.

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