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What we offer

Strategy Unpacking and Execution

This is an example of how we will customise to clients specificities and design to client's needs.

Strategy Unpacked

Connect The Dots believes that the starting point will be to "begin with the end in mind". Our experience has shown that in many organisations people know the buzz word and rarely know the business strategy. We will work with organisations to unpack this strategy and cascade it into all areas of the business.  We assist organisations to bring about an understanding of who, what, where, why, when of strategy.

Strategy Buy-in

Once the strategy has been unpacked, we will work with the organisation to create buy-in and ensure that all stakeholders and departments are aligned to achieve the business objectives. This process relies heavily on active participation at all levels and across the business. The outcome will be a plan to cascade the strategy into the organisation incorporating people, structure, systems, skills, all build around shared values.


Execution means coordinated action! High performance organisations invest time and resources to support the needed change in processes, systems and behaviour.  Connect The Dots will work with you to create momentum and support you in keeping a clear path that encompasses all the elements of your business strategy.

Sustaining High Performance

We believe in applying the flywheel concept to produce and maintain energy.  The Flywheel Energy Storage (FES) works by accelerating a rotator to a very high speed and maintaining the energy in the system as rotational energy. Additional energy results in an increase in the speed of the wheel thus lasting decades.

Connect The Dots supports this continuous effort with skills, technical, people, functional and processes training.