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What we offer

Leadership Development

Connect The Dots delivers high quality, research-based leadership development programmes that allow clients to make their leadership a strategic advantage. We customise and deliver leadership development programmes for leaders at all levels:

  • First-line leaders and supervisors
  • Individual contributors who influence others
  • Mid-level managers
  • Senior leaders
  • Executive leaders

Because we recognise that each organisation has its own unique leadership development needs and competencies integral to their success, we provide programmes that are aligned to your specific requirements and expectations rather than just provide you with “off-the-shelf” programmes.

The flywheel below shows the leadership at the heart of any people development process that provides space for customised functional, technical and people's skills. If your organisation does not have pre-determined topics for development, Connect The Dots will conduct a needs analysis to gather data and identify the components of a leadership programme that will deliver maximum results. To sustain the learning, our offering includes: classroom training, coaching, reinforcement and community of practise.

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