Practical Change Management Tools (John Kotter)

This is an example of how we will customise to clients specificities and design to client's needs.
10 Days
Intended For:
Professionals who wish to learn how to apply change management as a tool and process within an environment.
  • Relate different reactions to different emotions experienced
  • Understand and explain the change cycle
  • Analyse and recall a change situation within their personal lives and understand the impact thereof
  • Understand and explain the “barriers” to change, internal and external
  • Explore critical success factors for any change initiative and understand the reason why and where change starts
  • Identify a “need for change” within the organization or department
  • Understand and explain the definition of Change
  • Understand the concept of methodology
  • Understand Kotter’s 8 steps to Change within the Change Management Methodology
  • Understand and implement the Change Management methodology as a tool in the workplace
The content will be designed for each organisation. It will cover among others:

Module1: Communication

Module 2: Stakeholder  Management

Module 3:  Leadership Involvement

Module 4:  Business Readiness

Module 5:  Project Teams

Module 6:  Training

Module 7:  Culture