Call Centre Training

This is an example of how we will customise to clients specificities and design to client's needs.
8 Days
Intended For:
Call Centre Agents, Customer Care and Front desk Agents

In today’s ever changing and competitive world of work, organisations are realising that happy customer’s impact on their bottom line. Customers themselves have become more discerning and have increased expectations of the products and services they purchase and the ongoing support offered to them.

As a result of these increased customer expectations, service skills within organisations need to be re-evaluated and upgraded. Customer Care agents need to be customer focused at all times and proactively find ways to match and support the customer’s unique needs with the products and services on offer. To do this effectively, customer Care agents need a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, and know how to appropriately apply these in their workplace.
The content will be designed for each organisation. It will cover among others:
  • Understanding the Call Centre infrastructure: Tools to work with
  • Understanding organisations products, processes and operations: Team Leaders and Agents
  • Mastering Call Centre Hard Skills: Agents
  • Mastering Call Centre Hard Skills: Team Leaders
  • Telephonic communication skills and winning conversations: Team Leaders and Agents
  • EQ - Understand Self and others: Team Leaders
  • Understanding critical stakeholders
  • Offline practicing: inbound and outbound and on the job coaching and evaluation for Team Leaders and Agents