Performance Coaching for Results

This is an example of how we will customise to clients specificities and design to client's needs.
2 – 3 Days
Intended For:
Team leaders, Managers and anyone that Coaches as part of their job role that requires him to develop and coach others
Coaching has become a critical element of team development and yet it is rarely understood and often implemented poorly. In today’s fast paced and extremely competitive world coaching has become that vital tool that allows you to get the best out of your team.

The key aim of the course is to ensure the participants as leaders drive results by supporting their team members in their learning, enabling them to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to successfully deliver their job responsibilities and goals. This training programme further provide learners with a core understanding of the methods of coaching and provide them with some basic skills that will enable them to practically carry out coaching in the workplace.

It moves away from the viewpoint that coaching must be process driven and bureaucratic and will help your team appreciate that coaching is an everyday occurrence that, when performed correctly, can be enlightening and fun.

Topics Covered:
  • What coaching is about...and what it isn't about
  • My Experience
  • Applications of Coaching
  • Coaching in Practice
  • Relating it Back to the Workplace
  • Questioning
  • Active Listening
  • Coaching in Action
  • The Manager as Coach
  • The Coaching Environment
  • A Procedure for Coaching Success
  • The Coaching Conversation
  • Who's Agenda?
  • Coaching Opportunities