Engaging Change

This is an example of how we will customise to clients specificities and design to client's needs.
3 Days
Intended For:
Anyone in a future focussed organisation that seeks to be "future fit"
Change is not an event; it is a permanent feature of our lives.
This programme aims to re-introduce a new culture of dealing with change that re-establishes an organisations capability to go through  change challenges with:
  • Renewed spirit,
  • The ability to bounce back,
  • The aim of implementing projects successfully,
  • The reassurance of sustainability,
  • The framework support to doing it right the first time

Connect The Dots revolutionises the old change concepts and  achieves High impact and measurable results both during and after the training,

The traditional schools of thought continue to implement methods of change by applying change paradigms and generic change management principles that yield little to no results,

Change cannot be managed but rather engaged.
Getting organisations “future fit” seeks to embrace cutting edge developments in the field of organisational change management. We offer a fresh approach fully experiential.

Change engagement is aims to move organisations out of the paradigms that they so often seem to get stuck into because of stability paradigms. We take them to renewed heights of enablement that is proven to work within an open systems approach and get them ready to becoming an organisation that is “Future Fit” for this dynamic 21st century.

Connect The Dots is proud to unleash its key differentiating learning programme: Engaging Change©
About the course :
    This programme is highly interactive. It is designed to promote BIG picture thinking, experiential learning and Fun. The learning has been accelerated allowing learners to use 80% of their brain to process visual input. The learning adopts the following facilitation spheres:
    1. Linguistic:  Put into words, describe, write, explain, articulate
    2. Logical-Mathematical:  Look for patterns and reason
    3. Musical:  Background music
    4. Bodily Kinaesthetic  Hands on and experience before application
    5. Interpersonal:  Interaction with others, group discovery and process
    6. Intrapersonal: Introspection, self-awareness
    Travel the Change lane – a full change chain experience