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2 Days
Intended For:
All individuals working in the business value chain. Communication is the backbone of internal business alignment, information cascading and strategy execution.

Poor communication is often blamed in many businesses, big and small for causing demotivation, poor performance and to fuel ambiguity and blame culture.

Participants will be clustered by level and the content will be adjusted to the level of complexity of the group while covering the “communication continuum” concepts.  

The module objective is to enable leaders to communicate with impact in order to more effectively lead their teams by:
  • Understanding the importance of communicating with impact
  • Understanding the communication process and develop skills to communicate with impact
  • Acquiring the communication skills

The set of skills is designed to allow participants improve their abilities in communicating difficult messages to sometimes-difficult individuals.

It will help identify the best method of relaying information taking into account the message and the intended recipient

The key aim is to ensure participants have the skills, tools, knowledge and confidence, to effectively communicate to their teams and the business at large in a way that support effective execution of strategy at all levels.
Topics Covered:
  • Understanding the communication process
  • Methods of Communication and How Best to Use Them
  • Preparing to Communicate:
    • What People Want
    • How People receive it
    • Structuring Your Message
    • Internal Statements
    • Pre-empt Awkward Behaviours
  • Communication Practice & Review
    • Get it
    • Pack it
    • Give it
    • Check it