Growing People To Perform

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2 to 3 Days
Intended For:
The module will consider the role that managers have to play in driving the Performance Management whilst leading a team of people charged with delivering results within an HR framework. They will focus on a common and shared goal  as they embrace core skills needed to do this by:
  • Enabling supervisors to manage individual and team performance on a daily basis.
  • Understanding how to bridge the performance gap between current reality and the performance goals
  1. Performance Gap analysis
  2. Coaching
  3. Motivation
  4. Leading highly effective teams
Topics Covered:
1. Performance Gap analysis
  • Develop the ability to assess team’s current performance
  • Identify the common areas of poor team performance.
  • Develop the ability to analyse the root causes of team’s current performance.

2. Coaching
  • Understand the role and value of coaching for supervisors.
  • Understand the concept of coaching to close performance gaps in a joint and consultative manner.
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Set expectations during a performance management discussion
  • Understand the GROW coaching model
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply the GROW model during a performance discussion.

3. Motivation
  • Define what motivation is and why it is important
  • Identify where team members are on the motivation cycle and motivate your team.

4. Leading highly effective teams
  • Providing a framework for managing and motivating a high performing work team
  • Introducing a step by step process for assessing team performance and defining areas for development
  • Applying a practical tool for coaching a team to perform
  • Improving confidence and skill to lead a team at work
  • Cascading learning's to team members