Operational Efficiency

This is an example of how we will customise to clients specificities and design to client's needs.
2 Days
Intended For:
Managers and supervisors at all levels and any person who need to:
  • Effectively implement improvement within an operational environment
  • Apply new thinking to old problems
  • Understand the rationale to make improved business decisions
As humans we apply critical thinking to everyday situations. This helps us make decisions that address these everyday problems. However, we spend very little time thinking about the decisions that we have made. Using modern day techniques to investigate and uncover root causes to problems improves the fundamentals of business decisions and the impact thereof.  This programme further allows delegate to think about thinking in order to drive customer value and apply innovative solutions through a structured change process, thus creating a culture of continuous improvement and change as operational efficiencies are addressed.
The content will be designed for each organisation. It will cover among others:
  • Module 1: Thinking about thinking
  • Module 2: Use critical thinking to solve problems
  • Module 3: Driving customer value through your value chain
  • Module 4: Modernising and transforming through innovation
  • Module 5: Creating a culture of continuous change and continuous improvement
  • Module 6: Managing and sustaining change