The Negotiator

This is an example of how we will customise to clients specificities and design to client's needs.
2 days
Intended For:
This course is aimed at anyone who negotiates as part of their role or position. The ability to negotiate effectively is an important skill. It is also a skill that can easily be developed by understanding the process involved.
By adopting an approach where the parties work with each other and in groups, it is possible to reach outcomes that are highly impactful... This positive approach to negotiation will help build business relationships that could last for years. This training will help learners to understand what is meant by negotiation and will provide them with tools to help them negotiate better. They will also have the opportunity to practice using the tools in the safety of the training environment.
Topics Covered:
  • What is negotiation?
  • Negotiation value add – “No” to loosing
  • Alternatives to Negotiation
  • Negotiating Structure
  • Planning to engage
  • Laying Foundations
  • Driving negotiations
  • Completing a negotiation – closing the journey
  • Pine Furniture game 
  • “I now know”