Selling Made Easy

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2 Days
Intended For:
Anyone working in a sales environment who seeks to improve their skills and become a top Sales person with a competitive edge.
Connect The Dots offers a unique type sales programme that offers a technique that requires fast relationships and rapport to be built with customers within a few minutes of interacting with them. Our programme focuses on how the Sales Consultant can get into ACTION quickly but still understand how to "walk arm-in-arm with customers" as they make their buying decisions. As the customer relationship grows, consultants quickly realise the power they have using this unique sales technique to ensure that they have the edge to grow the business
Topics Covered:
  • Understand the Action Selling Sales Cycle
  • Identify customer expectations at each step of the sales cycle
  • Negotiation skills
    • The negotiation model
    • The negotiation tool
  • Persuasive skills
    • The persuasive model
    • Persuasive tools
  • Differentiate between the Feature of a product, its Advantage and its Business Benefit (FAB)
  • Up Selling and Cross Selling
  • Identify opportunities to Up Sell and Cross Selling
  • Creative selling through alternative offerings
  • Demonstrate bridging skills from a service interaction to one of sales
  • Need Vs. Problem
    • Uncovering Customer Needs
  • Gaining commitment
    • Use the skills to gain commitment from customers
    • Apply problem solving skills
  • Unresponsive customers, customer objections and concerns
  • Deal with price objections
  • Asking for business
  • The problem solving tree / model
  • Root cause analysis
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
    • Dealing with free time
    • Accountability vs. Responsibility